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Lily Fields 

Services Provided

Branding, Packaging, Website Design, Signage, Merchandise 

Lily Fields Distilling Co.'s inaugural release, the Sydney Dry Gin, presents a contemporary interpretation that artfully mirrors the distinctive local Terroir. In my extensive research phase, I drew inspiration from the intricate distilling process, particularly focusing on the elegant minimalism of the copper coiling, known as 'the worm,' which condenses vapors into liquid. This element took center stage in the branding while maintaining a synergy with the typography and overall labeling that pays homage to Jen's background as a chemist. Strategic pops of fluorescent accents infuse a modern vibrancy, ensuring this brand-new gin stands out prominently among competitors on the shelf. Notably, this label earned recognition as an AGDA finalist in 2023.

Jaz Lynch Designs


Marrickville, Sydney.

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