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Hello, I'm Jaz – a Sydney-based designer who's all about blending creativity with a modern touch.

With over 15+ years of experience and the privilege of exploring the captivating worlds of corporate branding, publishing, and the ever-evolving fashion industry, I infuse designs with an authentic sense of ardor. I love crafting brand identities that resonate, designing apparel, and packaging, and creating print and digital experiences that truly connect.

It's not just about the designs; it's about the experience. I believe that the journey should be just as enjoyable as the destination. That's why I make it my mission to ensure the process is fun and stress-free for my clients, making them feel at ease at every step.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients succeed. One of my most rewarding moments was witnessing Lily Fields – a brand I had the privilege to work with – flourish and win awards within six months of launching their business. The design was an AGDA finalist in 2023.

If you're ready to take that leap and bring innovation to your brand, I'm excited to be part of the journey.

Jaz Lynch Designs

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